Friday, 29 July 2016

Amy Koughan - Entrepreneurship and the Photography Business

Many successful freelance photographers, such as Amy Koughan, became profitable in their careers by planning and managing their small businesses efficiently and effectively. There are some essential points that all photographers who are planning on running their own business need to contemplate before getting started.

Amy Koughan When starting a small business, the freelance photographer should familiarize herself with all legal recourses necessary, such as state, federal, and local tax filings. Small business should be set up as such, and the photographer would be wise to learn about limited liability partnerships and incorporation to determine which process is best for her situation. The photographer then needs to get the word outabout her business and offerings; this can be done through social media and through meeting and networking with other small business owners and local venues.

There are also challenges that must be overcome in regards to customer contracts and relationships. Many professional photographers struggle to deal with the legal aspects of contracts that many clients may not fully understand upon signing. Extra efforts may be needed to help walk clients through the contract step by step, which can be time consuming and frustrating. Finding the right computer and automated programs for small business can often help alleviate these issues.

Amy Koughan and other freelance photographers who have grown their own small business have found great satisfaction in what they accomplish on a daily basis. Their creativity and final works of art allow them to take pride in their skills and talents, and what they have offered to the community at large.


Friday, 22 July 2016

Amy Koughan - What to Know Before Becoming a Freelance Photographer

Successful freelance photographers, like Amy Koughan, quickly learned what was required to become a professional photographer, and adapted their skill set to achieve that goal. Although the idea of being a freelance artist, beholden to no one, is an attractive concept, the reality is that it requires dedication, hard work, confidence, and little luck to make it a profitable career.

Amy Koughan

 The number of individuals who have become freelance artists was estimated in 2005 by the U.S. Department of Labor as around 10.3 million. That amount increased over the last decade, with more than four million freelancers in 2013, according to a group from Economic Modeling Specialists. Many freelancers have risen above these numbers by employing smart approaches to their business. Finding a specialty rather than trying to be or do too much in photography is more likely to bring in business, and thereby create success. It’s also important for photographers to be aware of the competition in their market and also the demand that market clamors for. 

Amy Koughan and other profitable and prominent freelance photographers know that talent is only one aspect of success; many talented photographers never see commercial success because they do not develop the necessary business acumen to promote and sell their work. Marketing one’s work is vital, as is stating costs clearly and upfront, and getting all contracts in writing and signed. This means that photographers need to learn how to bid and price jobs so that they don’t price themselves out of the market, but do make a profit for their talents and skills.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Amy Koughan - Photography with Confidence

Experienced freelance photographers like Amy Koughan have developed a key skill in their careers that has led to beautiful photographs: confidence in their art. Koughan and other photographers state confidence as an often overlooked or overwhelming concept that may elude those new to the craft, but which is essential to creating style and success.

Amy Koughan

 The old adage “practice makes perfect” is as true in photography as in any other skilled ability. The photographer who wants more confidence in his or her work needs to get out there and shoot pictures regularly, whether it’s on weekends, in between jobs, or on a lunch break. It also benefits the photographer to not only take pictures whenever possible, but to do so in many different conditions. This allows photographers to become familiar with what works or does not work in a variety of situations and with multiple kinds of light sources.

Amy Koughan, like many veteran freelance photographers, has advanced her career through forming a clear confidence in her work. Often, this confidence can be gained through public accountability, such as through the creation of a website or blog featuring the photographer’s work. Another method of creating confidence is through education. Successful photographers often achieved that status by learning from other photographers.

There are many books and websites that provide tips and suggestions, and many photographers can now take online classes through sites like to learn new concepts and approaches to their art. Regardless of the steps the photographer takes, having confidence in one’s work is necessary for future success.