Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Amy Koughan - Tips For New Runners

When she is not busy with her work as a freelance photographer, Amy Koughan likes to run so she can clear her mind and work on her physical fitness. She is an experienced long-distance runner who has tackled a number of marathons. Those who are new to the sport may aspire to similar heights, but it is crucial they consider the following pointers to get off to good starts.

Amy Koughan

Buy Good Shoes
Your running shoes will be your best friends when you are pounding the pavement so you need to invest in a pair that are comfortable and can withstand the rigors of repeated running. Do your research beforehand and consider having the size of your feet measured in-store so you can be sure you have a pair that fits you well.

Work On Distance First
Your first priority should be to establish the sort of distances you can run without putting your body in too much discomfort. Once you know what you can achieve in terms of distance, you can then start working on improving your times. Be patient and don’t worry too much about your pace at first. You will find you get quicker as your muscles develop and your cardio improves.

Set Goals
Amy Koughan has achieved so much as a runner because she puts goals in place to strive towards. Maintain a training log and use it to create goals that define where you think you should be in the future. Make sure they are challenging and realistic, as stretching too far can lead to your motivation dipping.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Amy Koughan - Tips For Budding Photographers

Amy Koughan has enjoyed a passion for photography since she was a young girl and has dedicated her life to developing her skills. She delights in working with amateurs and new professionals alike to help them to do the same. “Anybody can become a good photographer,” she says. “All it takes is a passion for the art and the dedication needed to develop your technical abilities.” Of course, everybody has to start somewhere, so these tips are intended for those who are picking up their cameras for the first time and wish to develop their skills.

                                    Amy Koughan

Choose Equipment Wisely

A lot of new photographers make the mistake of buying the most expensive equipment on the market under the assumption that it will serve their needs. In truth, most novices should budget themselves and consider the sort of photos they wish to take before investing in any equipment. Spending too much at this early juncture could result in you resenting the purchase if you struggle to develop your skills, plus you may find that a lot of the features your expensive camera has are lost on you until you get better.

Extra Memory Cards

Most photographers start out with digital cameras as they are cheap, efficient and convenient. The memory card that comes with your camera will be able to hold a lot of photos, but you will soon start to find that this space ebbs away, especially when the camera is on its highest settings. This may result in a situation where you find the perfect picture, only to discover that your card is full. To avoid this, always make sure that you have a back-up or two spare so you can keep snapping away.

Experiment Often

Much of the joy of photography comes through experimentation. While there are a lot of useful techniques that you can learn to improve your skills, many of which can be found online, you shouldn’t feel constrained in any way when pursuing the hobby. Experiment with different lighting and angles. You never know, you may end up finding a technique that you really like, allowing you to come up with photos that are unique to you.

Be Patient

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” says Amy Koughan “and neither were my photography skills.” The point she is making is that it often takes a lot of practice and patience to develop your skills as a photographer. In can be easy to look at your early efforts and allow them to dissuade you from pursuing the hobby altogether. This would be a waste of the talent that you have. Instead, treat every photo that you take as a learning experience and don’t be afraid to ask for help from others.