Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Amy Koughan - Tips for Capturing the Perfect Photo

Amy Koughan is a committed individual who cares about the way her work impacts the people around her. She has been a freelance photographer for many years, and she has worked hard in order to capture stunning images for clients, magazines, and other publications. She is known for her work in landscape photography, as well as her work for individual clients. She regularly serves as a wedding photographer, and she even does family portraits for people in the Los Angeles, California area. Photography is her life’s passion ever since she was young, and she even attended the Otis College of Art and Design to hone her skills even further.

As modern technology continues to make taking photos easier and easier, more people are getting into photography than ever before. It used to be that in order to take the perfect photo, you had to invest in a quality camera and the professional grade equipment that went along with it. Now, you can simply pull out your smartphone and capture a moment you want to last forever. Here are some tips for anyone looking to take the perfect photo.

Keep your camera or smartphone as steady as possible. Making sure your hand is steady as you capture a moment is the best way to get a clear picture. Shaky hands will result in a photo that is unfocused, and it will be extremely noticeable whether you leave it on your device or upload it on the Internet. In order to keep yourself steady, you can invest in a stand for your camera or your phone which will help you take a clear picture every time. Stands are relatively cheap, and a good investment if photography is an interest.

Amy Koughan

Make sure that your subject and background don’t clash. This is especially true if you’re taking a landscape picture. Often, amateur photographers will only think about either the background or the subject, but not both together. If you’re taking a picture of a person in the midst of a beautiful landscape, you need to make sure that they coexist peacefully and don’t fight each other for control of the shot. Maybe put the individual to the side so that the background is still visible.

Pay attention to the lighting. The human eye is able to pick up a lot more than your camera ever will, no matter how much you spent on equipment. That means that what you see will never be as good as what you capture digitally or on film. Make sure that the lighting is good enough for the shot you want, which may mean that you have to wait until the most opportune time; be patient.

Amy Koughan understands that capturing the perfect photo can be difficult, which is why she has been honing her craft for many years.