Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Amy Koughan - Changing the World Through An Image

Amy Koughan is a freelance photographer who has been working and living in Los Angeles, California her entire life. She was raised within the diversity of the city, and came to love the melting pot of different cultures, generations, and industries. In addition to her work locally, she also has been known to travel the world in the hopes that she can capture images that make a difference in peoples’ lives. As an artist, she believes she has an obligation to use her talents for good, and to not simply just get caught up in the financial aspect to her work.

Amy Koughan
As a professional freelance photographer, Amy Koughan understands that she has the power to be able to capture peoples’ attentions with a single image. She has traveled to very remote places in order to take pictures of beautiful foreign landscapes, third world conditions, and even the effects of war on the innocent civilian. Her work is meant to serve a greater purpose than simply as entertainment, and it has the ability to sway peoples’ minds back home in the United States.

In order to capture an image that has the power to change the minds of others, you have to be deeply passionate about the subject. The image should depict your own feelings about a certain frame of time, which will in turn give a glimpse of reality to the people that view it. Her photographic works have helped raise money for rainforests in South America and food initiatives in third-world Africa; she believes in the service she provides the global community.